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Home Inspection

Your home is your most significant asset.
The Inspection Itself
We will be performing a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the home that follows and exceeds the InterNachi standards of practice. This includes the grading, walkways and driveways, roof, windows, gutters, flashing, siding, masonry, foundation, heating and air-conditioning components, floors, attic ventilation and insulation, stairs, doors, plumbing, electrical service, fireplace, chimney, and woodstove (if present). 
Before Your Inspection
We will review the pre-inspection agreement prior to the inspection to address any questions you may have about your inspection. A pre-inspection agreement will be sent electronically for your review and approval.
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Your Report
Your report will be thorough yet concise in a thumbnail format with arrows pointing to concerns and comments below the images. Easy to follow categories prioritize issues for the home buyer in order to make an informed decision regarding their home investment.
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